And Yes, I Cried...

Last time I blogged it was about the honor and privilege of officiating at weddings. Yesterday with unrestrained tears flowing down my face, I married our youngest daughter to her beloved. I tried like the dickens to remain professional, but in my mind I saw her as a little girl running and playing. I saw her putting baby doll clothes on her cat, Milo. I saw her making mud pies (her first of many culinary feats) on my good china. All the hundreds if not thousand of images of her as a youngster passed through my mind as I read the words which officially make her a woman, wife, and soon-to-be mother.

...And yes, I cried. Part from the loss of my last child into full womanhood, but mostly from sheer joy and happiness.

She chose as a venue, the Jekyll Island pier area instead of Driftwood beach, and while I questioned her choice I was proven wrong. It was the perfect choice. As the sun set behind the Sidney Lanier bridge and sank into the horizon, it was truly magical. This was the last of three wedding services I preformed yesterday.

After the wedding we went to Longhorn's Steak House. The service was lousy, but the food was great. We toasted the couple with goblets of Sprite. A large number of us do not drink alcohol. They were beaming and sheer joy infected the whole restaurant.

Well after midnight she texted me to tell me they had arrived home safely. I asked if she was happy? I didn't need to see her response to know she was.