All Hallows Eve~Cussing and Leading by Example

Halloween is fast approaching. Whether you believe in spirits that walk the Earth, witches, zombies, mummies, or a one of a thousand things that go bump in the night. It's All Hallows Eve. It's a harvest festival that denotes the end of summer. Whether it's remembrances of souls past or trick or treating, it's the thought that counts.

Last year it was my honor to officiate a zombie wedding. Yes, a Christian ceremony with contemporary wording of love, commitment, and faith. It seems hard to believe, but it was truly a joining of two souls in a extra special way.

When you harvest souls for Christ it's a 24/7 job throughout the years. Leading by example is my favorite way of bringing a soul into the Kingdom. It brings to mind two of my favorite sermons. One on cussing and the other leading by example. Don't start dozing they are abbreviated.

While I still have not officially returned to my ministerial duties, I lead by example in everyday living. I'm far from perfect. I swear although I do not use God's name in vain. My previous pastor of my church constantly said, "Lord, give me strength!" While not necessarily a was the way it it said that mattered. He always used this phrase when aggravated which made it sound like a cuss statement. Even made up phrases like my favorite "razzle frazzle" is cussing.

The Good Book says to be cautious what comes out of your mouth. Remember in the movie "Star Wars" and the Ewoks. Although it sounded like a made up language, it was similar to an African dialect. Everything that comes out of your mouth even if it gibberish can be cussing. Think about it. Anything can be a cuss word or phrase. It it depends on how it is used and what it means to you inside. God only cares about you beneath the skin.

When I was leaving therapy one day last week, I saw a woman point to me and tell her friend I was her inspiration. I stopped and asked her why. She explained how she had been watching me during therapy and my strength in attempting every task they (the therapists) gave me. She went on further to say that I had a smile on my face while doing it.

Now I might not always be smiling but I am willing to learn what will help me heal and will try anything. Believe me after riding a stationary bike up and down hills for 30 minutes, the only thing I'm smiling about is getting off that blasted bike! Yes, that was a cuss!

I need to explain about this woman. She is about ten years older than I am and only has one leg. I look at her and am thankful that I only had a stroke and did not lose my leg below the knee. There by the grace of God, go I, I thought when I first saw them fit her with her prostheses. I later told her I was a minister who believes in leading by example. The glory goes to God so don't look to me for inspiration, but draw from the abundant love of the Father.

It's all about perception. Like I said about my experience in the rehab hospital, I'm a cheerleader in a five-foot, 165 lb body. No, not the cartwheel, splits, and pyramid building kind, but the praise and encouragement kind. I may or may not have walked a mile in their shoes, but I can cheer at the little accomplishment in a big way. After a few weeks in therapy, I heard others encouraging others along with me. One man serenaded us with praises in hymns. I saw people giving other virtually strangers before, talking and encouraging each other. They were spreading the love of Christ. Instead of being down trodden...they were uplifted. A renewed energy filled the therapy room then after. This is the love passed on to others. It's leading by example and it's contagious. Pass it on.

Have you shared the love of Christ today?