My other writer's blog was a catch all for writers and faith issues. I am changing this to dedicate this one particular blog to faith and the faithful.

Since my official ordination in May, not much has changed except I now control the format of services rendered. Baptized a Lutheran, converted to Episcopalian, converted to nondenominational, converted to Methodist, and now led in faith matters by the Holy Spirit...the true nondenomination. As a Christian I believe in the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Faith and religion is a walk of and in life. But mostly, faith is about love, honor, and respect.

I do not buy into all the secular divisions of Christianity. I respect all religions having studied many forms during my life. Even the Buddhists, Muslims, Zen, and a host of other "religions" believe in a higher being although they do not relate to them as "Father God." It is all about faith. Does this make me a bad Christian? No, I do not believe so. All believe in love for your fellow man. All have a teaching of do unto others as you would have done to you. It is man which makes the divisions of faith. It is also man who creates war because of these divisions.

In my studies of herbology, I learned the use of herbs and roots to help the physical body heal itself. In earlier times this would have labeled me as a witch, which is a title I do not accept. I spend many hours in prayer for family, friends, and total strangers. I acknowledge the being known as Satan. After all, if there is good in Christ there has to be an opposite evil. It keeps the balance.

But being human and not Divine, there is a niche in my soul which hungers to be fulfilled. This niche can be stuffed with worldly things such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and a host of other elements all seeking to fill the void. This niche was placed in us purposely at creation to seek wholeness. What is your niche overflowing with?

In whatever Deity you believe in, have a BLESSED day.