November= Thankfulness

This is November and it almost marks six month since my stroke. It's time to be thankful for the blessings the Lord has given us. Not that everyday, you shouldn't be thankful.

Thanksgiving always reminds people of their Heavenly Father and giving thanks. I don't know about you, but once a year is not enough.

So today I'm thankful, and almost regretful that I'm still on this earth. My stroke could have killed me, but I'm still here. Damaged, but grateful because I'm still able to function in some form of ministry. Challenged, but grateful because everyday things are not my previous normal self. Paralyzed on one side, but grateful because I can still do most things within limits. Mostly, I'm grateful that I can show others by example that there can be life after a stroke even God's love and mercy.

Giving praise and glory to the Lord pleases Him. That's all being thankful really is. Although I am writing this near Thanksgiving, I suggest you plan on being thankful everyday not just one day out of a year. It magnifies His blessings.

I always speak of blessings. Otherwise the antonym is a curse. Abundant blessings have enriched my life and it should enrich yours. Have you ever been with someone who is always negative? Do you want to be? Probably not.After a very short while you start to get depressed. But speak of draw a crowd. Some will feel fortunate to be around you. They will see the blessings they may not have seen before. Yes, living a blessings filled life is not easy, but it's a choice.

So what has God done for you lately? Open you mind and your heart.