Honor and Privilege

As a minister, I never forget about honor and privilege. The weddings I've officiated now number 120 which is awesome! According to Websters dictionary honor is defined as respect manifested and privilege means restricted to a select group or individual.

The blushing bride and robust groom always shakes my hand or hugs me after the service, both beaming with joy, thanking me for marrying them. Most times the words honor and privilege come out of my mouth and it is honestly heart felt.

Out of all the ministers in this area or surrounding areas they chose me to officiate their union. Some want the relaxed style, attention to detail, and a fun sense of humor in their memories. I can spend weeks speaking with brides on exactly how they want their dream wedding to occur or five minutes. The one thing one of my services will be is memorable.

Last weekend I married a couple from out of town.  The groom stood before me and awaited his bride. Most times I do not do rehearsals unless there is special music and added items like rose, sand, or other ceremonies involved with the wedding itself. The man was nervous, but happy. I leaned over to him and told him it would be alright just remember two words..."I Do!" I explained everything else he would have to say I'd spoon feed him a couple of words at a time. He nodded, took a deep breath and visibly relaxed. "I can do that," he said as he turned and looked at his bride approaching us on her son's arm.

The ceremony went off with a couple of stumbles, a few tears, and laughter. The bride told me it was as she had dreamed which is what I strive for each and every wedding. After all, I do cater to my brides, calm nervous grooms, interact with families, and am super officiate! LOL. Not really, but sometimes juggling all the particulars can be a bit daunting especially with the on-call services I do.

One of the ceremonies today was what I call an "I do, I do" ceremony. Very quick and to the point. Christian, but basically, "Do you? I do.  Do you? I do." No rings, no family, just marry us quick. Not quite so simple but you get the point. After the ceremony the groom looked at me when I told him to kiss his bride, and his whole face lit up with the realization that the woman standing beside him was now his wife. This is my hit and run, drive-in service. Later this afternoon is a different story...all the bells and whistles.

Performing weddings is indeed MY honor and My privilege!

Be blessed.

What It's September!!!

This year has buzzed by. Why is it the older you get the faster time flies? I remember when I had my first child.  My father told me hang on for the fastest ride of your life. It's true.  That child is now in her thirties!

While I'm older and pretty much set in my ways, I have a routine I follow daily.  I wake up each morning and pray before I put one foot off my bed.  This takes a while because my prayer list is long. Once, I'm fortified for the day, I place my feet on the floor ready to take on whatever comes my way. One step at a time, each one in faith that I'll take another.

Once I'm up, everything in life comes crashing in, but it's how I start my day which is the important thing here. Without this fortification and wearing the armor of my Heavenly Father, I'd be lost in the scramble of a fast paced life. Like the Ark going before the Israelite's in battle, I carry my Father's spirit with me throughout the day. No dark spirits can pass through without my letting them. Depression, anxiety, worry, and just plain low energy levels are held at bay while I follow my trek.

How do you start your day? Are you plagued by things which hamper your spirit? Put on the armor of God and may He give you peace.