Hellish Weekend

Okay so it wasn't totally hell, but most trying. As some of you know, I'm a minister. I do quite a few wedding during the week as a job, not to mention filling in for sick or vacationing pastors, and other pastoral duties. This week and weekend was no exception. I performed ten weddings this week, eighteen hospital visitation, and services on Sunday morning in a town about 45 minutes away from home. Nothing really out of the ordinary, except for a few hitches. It was the hitches that made things go from bad to worse.

I usually confirm with my couples a couple of days before their wedding to location, time, and place. No big issues or surprises. I performed three weddings on Saturday and after a very long day I arrived at the scene for my last wedding, sunset at the lighthouse. Nothing unusual about the setting or the time. I'll go anywhere the bride and groom want. The problem was their cell phones were set to voice mail and after waiting for over an hour, they still had not showed. No explanation or anything. Now, it's Monday and still nothing. It was a waste  of my time...well not a total waste, I did get to enjoy the beach breezes.

Sunday was my first wedding at the five star resort in my county. I was excited and nervous. Yeah, I wasn't the one getting married but I was nervous. I was called thirty minutes, as I was heading out the door, before the wedding and was told that the venue had changed because of the weather. Now, I personalize the service I write for each wedding for each couple. I was scrambling to make the changes in my text.

I arrived and the valet parked my car. That's also getting lost along the way because it had been so long since I'd been over to this little island. I was met by the wedding planner for the resort. While outwardly friendly, she was very controlling which I guess was ideal for a wedding planner. It was something I did not expect at the eleventh hour. Another thing I wasn't told about was a planned sequence of service and music. Usually, when special music is involved I do hold a rehearsal so everyone can be on the same page...this was fifteen minutes before the service.  No time for anything and definitely not enough time for surprises like this. Everyone was in formal attire besides me, the minister, which made me feel even more out of place.

I do my very best to cater to my bride and groom. To let the bride have the wedding of their dreams, but really...a heads up would have been nice.