The New June

As I mentioned last month it seemed like July was the new June for brides.  Well it is now August and the tallies of brides still climb. I had a two week lull which was a good thing since I broke my toes, but according to the doctor they are healing. But now August is picking up again. Four weddings a day in the past week with more on the schedule for the coming weeks.

Yesterday I married a couple who had brought their five month old son to the nuptials.  Georgia does not require witnesses to marriage ceremonies so a wedding can be anywhere between two people (not including me) to fifty on a beach, on a boat, in a garden...wherever. You know that old part of the wedding service which there anyone present who sees any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony... I leaned over to the baby in his stroller next to his father and asked him.  The baby cooed, kicked up his legs and waved his arms.  I took it as he had no objections to his parents getting married.

Today was a young man and woman with their child.  The woman loved fairies, in fact she wanted to wear fairy wings to HER wedding. We were outdoors under oak trees dripping with Spanish moss in a grassy area.  In the bride's mind, this was her dream wedding.  Who am I to object? They both loved each other and the Lord.  Outward appearances do not matter.  It is what is on the inside that counts.

Keep loving the Lord and be kind to each other.