Weddings and Renewals

I believe in catering to the bride. Every bride, no matter what age, should have the wedding of their dreams whether it's on a boat in the middle of the ocean, on a beach at sunset, or wherever.  This is why I dub myself as a traveling minister.

Some basic prices and thoughts- The more traveling I do the more it costs.  The price does not go up for the amount of can be just the couple or 500. My focus will be on you, the bride and the groom.
If you have a photograher, videographer or whatever- They can move behind me, beside me or wherever as I said my focus is on you two. I would ask the couple decide where they would like to stand, for example at the beach...facing the water, with the water as a backdrop etc.

For short, standard Glynn County Courthouse weddings
Short Christian, civil, comtemporary, and short nonreligious.

For St Simons Island
Short Christian, civil, contemporary and short nonreligious

For Jekyll Island, boats (saling or not) and other locations within the county

I also offer a Zen ceremony which includes water, sage and sand blessings.
The base price for this is $75.

Traditional Christian
This includes extras like poetry and bible readings, special music provided by bride and groom, unity candle, rose ceremony, etc.
This service is much longer and requires at least one walk through for timing. While most items are provided by the bride and groom or family the logistics are greater.
Based price is $100

Medival/Themed Weddings
So you want to be Guinevere marrying Arthur?  You want to be a gun moll marrying your gangster? You want to be a fairy marrying the elf of your dreams? No problem here except I do not condone violence.

Remember I have two requirements before I join two people as one.
1) You believe in love.
2) You treat others like you want to be treated.
Couple's counseling is stressed, but not required.

Don't see the ceremony of your dreams contact me @