Congratulations! We Survived!

Nope, just kidding! Fooled you.

We survived the Mayans' prediction of the end of the world! If you can't read this, I'm wrong.

"Nope, just kidding. Fooled you," said the Mayan priest as he smoked his wacky weed in his pipe. "I just ran out of stone to carve a new calendar. It's not like I can run out to my local market and get some."
Mayan priest smoking

Of course there have been tons of predictions as to where life as we know it will end. All of them have been proved wrong when the next day happens. Isn't that the way false prophets work? They get followers to believe that life as you know it will happen at a certain date and time, but the fact is NOBODY truly knows. This is gospel. It's in the Word. Why should you listen to false prophets? God is perfectly able to speak to you directly with Christ as the liaison, and the Holy Spirit as the real interpreter.

The Bible
Even the bible talks about the end of times, but doesn't give a specific time reference. There will be "signs." The problem with signs is that many things can be misinterpreted as signs. For generations, this calamity or that has been read as signs that the end is nigh. But in reality they were, albeit frightening, were just events that meant nothing. When the true end-is-nigh is about to occur, God will have to put it in bold, neon lights in the sky before I'll believe man's predictions.

Y2K was going to change the world as we know it. But some savvy computer programmer, <cough> like me, figured out that changing two lines of code would save computing as we know it. Financial institutions, the stock markets, and businesses all operated as normal on 1/1/00. For those that couldn't afford services like mine, they simply set their computer's internal clocks back ten or twenty years. Many cults staged mass suicides, and made pacts. But the fact is, Y2K changed virtually nothing. It came and went by.

I've got a secret
NASA assured us, in the face of the financial cliff in our economy, that no asteroid or other planet was going to hit us. There were no warning signs that the Earth was going to up end on its axis. With the technology today, surely someone would have leaked a story somehow. All the conspiracy theorists in the world projecting the end is just that theories. Even my dog can have theories of what is going to happen, and I'd trust my dog better than any stranger. That's not saying much because she will jump in the bathtub at the first rumble of thunder.

Now will bad things continue to happen? Most definitely. Someone with a gun or a knife will continue to kill innocent babies. People will still lie, cheat, and steal. The economy will be shaky, and then rise. People will become homeless, starve to death, and put through the wringer of life. Because that's what it is... life. Be thankful for this life no matter what it brings. Not everything will be sunshine, lollipops, and roses. Just like everything will not be storm clouds, rainy days, and weeds.

All I know for sure is when my Master calls I'm going home. Have a safe and joyous holiday season. See you again next year.