Is There Anything More Wonderful...

I sit here still in awe about how wonderful our loving Father is. Today, I met my newest grandson for the first time. He was born to my youngest daughter just a few hours ago. Yes, I know babies are born every day, but this one is a true miracle and a gift of answered prayer.

Now for the rest of the story. My youngest daughter just a year ago had an inoperable brain tumor. The neurologist said because of the placement of the tumor near her brain stem, she could die at any time. I didn't accept it. She was only 25 years old and really had not started living her life yet. When I reach a point of utter despair, I give to God (like most everyone else in the world).

For six months I prayed several times a day in intercession. Some things I accept and move on, but being a stubborn woman...this I could NOT accept. Each month that passed, I thank God for the time with my daughter. I continued praying for mercy and healing.

An experimental treatment in testing became available. I praise my Heavenly Father for the gift. I knew while the others in the study passed on to be with the Father, I EXPECTED a miracle in my daughter's case.

On my birthday this year, my daughter had a stomach flu. She wasn't able to hold anything down for weeks. A smart young intern ran a pregnancy test on her and it came back positive. I met this news with some trepidation. While I was concerned about my daughter and her treatments (injections directly into her brain), I also worried about the life inside her. On my birthday she also had an appointment with her neurologist. This was a mixed blessing...either she would have to stop treatments because of the baby and possibly die before it was born or have to terminate her pregnancy.

The neurologist did a CT scan on my daughter's brain. He came back in the room with a frown on his face and put the film on the monitor. "What's wrong with this picture," he asked. We looked and couldn't see anything. He said, "Exactly! The tumor is gone."

This pregnancy hasn't been without its ups and downs. By no means was it a normal pregnancy, but today I saw my husband and daughter look at this new life God has gifted all of us with and KNOW God is good!

Welcome to the world James Henry Waters IV! You are blessed and loved on Earth and in Heaven.