Themed Weddings~ Zombies

This is not the happy couple
Yesterday was Halloween. I did a themed wedding which was unusual at best...a zombie wedding. This was a first for me. It being Halloween all the guest came in costume for the party. I can hear you all now screaming how sacrilegious it is.

Now, now don't judge others.

The ceremony itself was standard Christian. I actually dressed the part of a zombie minister. My alter ego is a horror & suspense author. (I have a rather extensive make-up collection). As the couple said, "I do" they stepped over to a basin of water and cleaned their faces of the make-up thereby coming to life as husband and wife. Their rationale was this before they were married it was if they were the living dead, but in marrying they came to life.

When you think about it. Aren't we all dead inside without our soul mates? We travel different paths in our own separate worlds. It's the same as a life without Christ. There is an emptiness we search to fill. Each of us is born with an vacant spot in our souls that only the Spirit can fill.

So have you filled that empty spot yet?