Lost and Found- God's Timepiece

As I sit here in front of my computer screen this fine but chilly Sunday morning, I'm mentally at a loss of what to be thankful for. Yes, I'm thankful for being alive, but am I really?

My momma always called God her Big Daddy. She often said while she was alive that she couldn't wait until she sat on her Big Daddy's lap to talk to him in person. She was a firm believer. HE was her everything. The ultimate in power and love.

Simplistic her her views of God, but oh, so powerful of an image. So am I thankful for being alive and kicking? Not really. I could be like her sitting on her Big Daddy's lap and receiving the ultimate, unconditional love. In fact, it makes me kind of sad that I'm not. The love we experience in this life is nothing but a substitute for what awaits us in Heaven.

Do I have a death wish? Yes and no. While I might want to go to Heaven, I'm not in a rush to get there. It's not my time by my Heavenly Father's time piece. God's time tends to be a mystery to us humans living on the earthly plane.

God's time versus our time. I recently watched a movie called "The Genesis Code" which explained the difference between science fact versus the biblical time frame and why they are at odds. Granted it's only a movie, but in essence it explain and marries the two times into our understanding the difference. Good movie. Go rent it today if you can. The old mathematician and science geek in me was satisfied with their answer somewhat.

On the down side, it brushes over quite a bit of both scientific and Bible based knowledge, but it is only a movie. What I took from the movie was simple. It's all about perception and perspective. We always say, "God's will," or God's time" without fully understanding it. Will we ever? Yes, one day. All the answers to our questions will be answered in God's time and not in our time.

So I'll continue on my trek through this earthly realm until my time equals God's time. It will happen eventually.

Blessed be because I am.

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